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Wellesley Parish Church of Scotland [Charity No: SCO09581]

  Wellesley Parish Church

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  Wellesley Parish Church

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Wellesley Parish Church of Scotland  [Congregation No: 251535][ Charity No: SCO09581]

Wedding Hyms and music during the Service

Music during the Service

Our organist plays while guests are gathering for the service, usually a selection of Scottish and Classical tunes. You will then need to choose music for the Bride and her party making their entrance into the church. Our organist can play anything you require, if it is a tune she does not know then we will purchase the sheet music for it.

Popular Wedding Hymns

The most popular Bridal Marches are:

During the signing of the register you can choose music for our organist to play, or she will play a selection for you. At the end of the Service most couples choose to have the popular Wedding March by Mendelssohn as it is a lively tune and easy to walk to!  I would urge you to think carefully about the entrance music as you need to have music that is not too fast, nor too slow, or it makes it very hard to walk in time with it.

What about a soloist?

Sometimes it can be appropriate to have a soloist who will sing as the Bride walks up the aisle, or during the signing of the register. We recommend Charlotte Whittle, a local girl who has a stunning voice.

This is a message from Charlotte, and it includes her contact details:

What better way to express your love for one another than through music? Songs tell a story, and your choice of song not only shows your love for one another, but allows your family and friends to have a little glimpse into that love too. I am a professional opera singer who is based in Fife and Switzerland. With prices starting from £100 for just me, or from £150 for myself plus a pianist, I can guarantee your wedding ceremony will be one to remember.  Song choice can be tricky, but with my extended knowledge for opera, classical, musical theatre, and traditional Scottish songs, we can choose the perfect song for your special day. I would be so happy to hear from you on my email address: cwhittlesop@hotmail.co.uk

It would be my honour to be a part of your love story.