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  Wellesley Parish Church

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Our Minister is always pleased to discuss your plans for being married in our Church, and if you are considering being married here please make contact with her by phone on 01333 423147 or by email: GPaterson@churchofscotland.org.uk as soon as possible.

Detailed in this section are ideas for Bible readings, Hymns, Poems, Vows, and details of some local suppliers who we work with regularly and know that they offer a high quality service.


I am willing to allow photography and videoing of the ceremony as long as your photographer and videographer remain in the place that is allocated for them.

This is really important as it will detract from the ceremony if they move around, and it will be very distracting for you, and your guests.  

Please advise photographers and your guests that there is to be no flash photography during the ceremony, this is for your benefit, and with the lighting we have in the church it should not be necessary.

The space allocated to photographers is a central position, so they will have a good view of yourselves and your guests. They can take photographs as you arrive, and in the vestibule of the church, but then they should take up their position inside the church and are not allowed to move around, for example they cannot precede you down the aisle.

They can take photographs while the register is being signed and then as you leave the church.

Mobile phones and Social Media

Please be aware that I will ask your guests to turn off their mobile phones as this is an increasing problem during services.

If they wish to use them for taking photographs they must put them in silent mode, and, if you wish, I will remind them not to post photos on social media.