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  Wellesley Parish Church

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A typical Wedding Service

The service will usually begin with the Bride and her attendants walking down the aisle to meet the Groom and his best man at the front of the church.  After a welcome to all the guests, there is usually a prayer, a hymn then followed by a Bible Reading.

It is at this stage that the marriage takes place, with the exchange of vows and rings, and a blessing that will confirm you are married.  This is normally followed by a few words of wisdom from the Minister and the signing of the Marriage Schedule. A second Bible reading or a poem, follows the completion of the marriage ceremony.

After a second prayer and a concluding hymn, the Bride and Groom will make their way up the aisle and out of the church, followed by their Best Man, Bridesmaids and families.  

Please note: you will require two people over the age of 16 to act as your witnesses for the marriage schedule