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Our Minister is always pleased to discuss your plans for being married in our Church, and if you are considering being married here please make contact with her by phone on 01333 423147 or by email: GPaterson@churchofscotland.org.uk as soon as possible.

Detailed in these pages are ideas for Bible readings, Hymns, Poems, Vows, and details of some local suppliers who we work with regularly and know that they offer a high quality service.


Approximately 12 weeks before your wedding, and no later than 28 days before your wedding, you will have to register your intent to marry with the local Registrar. The local office is situated across the road from the church, and the contact details are:

Ms Lesley-Jane Robertson

Methil Library and Local Office

Wellesley Road


08451 555555 ext 461610

You require the Marriage Notice Application forms [M10] and return them with the appropriate fee. At the time of writing the fee is £70, but this may be subject to change.

You can read all the necessary information on line at: www.gro-scotland.gov.uk

Wedding Rehearsal

We will arrange to have a rehearsal a couple of days before your wedding, probably on the Thursday evening for a Saturday wedding. It is important that your attendants, ushers, and whoever is giving the Bride away attend this so that you can feel relaxed on the day itself.

Please Note

The Marriage Schedule should be collected from the Registrar in the 7 days prior to your wedding, by either the Bride or the Groom. You should bring this to the rehearsal so that it can be checked by the Minister.

It is best if the Schedule is left in our care as the wedding cannot proceed without it – unfortunately there are NO exceptions to this!

Fees and Costs

There are no fees for the Minister to conduct your Wedding ceremony, but there are other costs involved.  We would ask that you pay a deposit of £50 to confirm the date and time of your wedding, and then pay the balance on the day of your wedding rehearsal, or before.

The fees are: Organist £65, Church Officer £65, Donation to the church £120

Please make cheques payable to Wellesley Parish Church.

If our Minister is conducting your wedding in another venue, such as a hotel, we would suggest that you make a donation to the church, but obviously there would not be any fees for the church officer or organist.